Walmart Weeks

Date selection for Walmart dashboards is typically done by Walmart weeks, which runs from Saturday to Friday. The SupplyPike Analytics date selection allows you to select various Walmart week and month formats.

Select the Date Filter to choose the desired time selection.

In addition, you can choose from the following options :


The YTD option will display metrics based on the Walmart fiscal calendar, which begins the week of February 1st.  To select a Gregorian calendar YTD option, use the Custom date range.

Custom Ranges: Walmart Weeks

You can also select specific Walmart weeks using calendar.  Select a start date and end date to apply the changes.

Custom Date Range

If you do not wish to see your data by Walmart weeks, you can choose a custom date range with any custom start and end date.  For example, this might be used to see the data on a promotion's effective date range.

Click on the Calendar button in the Date Range menu, then select Custom.

Click the time display drop-down menu and select Days, Weeks or Months.

Click on the desired start date on the calendar to populate the time range, then click to select the desired end date.

OTIF Scorecard Time Selection

The OTIF scorecard dashboard is released monthly, 2 weeks in arrears. On this dashboard, the options include Latest, Walmart Weeks, or Walmart Months.  The date range for the currently displayed data will always be visible in the Date Range field.

Supplier Scorecard

The Supplier Scorecard dashboard does not have a time selection.  This dashboard will display only the most recent scorecard.

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