Viewing Orders
To view a list of your purchase orders, invoices, checks, and deductions, click on the Orders tab. By default, orders are sorted with the most recent to the top. 

Order Details
To view the details of an order click the Details button. 

The Order tab includes details such as the item information, terms of sale, allowances, and deductions associated with the order. 

The Documents tab contains a PDF of all documents associated with the order, such as the original purchase order, invoice, proof of delivery, or bill of lading.  These documents can be used to successfully dispute invalid deductions. 

Add new documents to the order by clicking the Add New Documents button. 

Searching for an Order
To search for a specific order, enter the PO or Invoice number into the Search field located at the top of the page. 

View Associated Deductions

To view any associated deduction, scroll to the bottom of the order page. 

Click the View button to see the details of the deduction and file a dispute. 

For instructions on submitting a dispute, please see: Submit a Dispute

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