Create a New Dashboard

To create a new custom dashboard, click on the orange Add Custom Dashboard button from the Dashboards page.

Enter a name and description for your new custom dashboard (this can be edited later), then click Add Dashboard.

Add Metrics to your Dashboard

You can add as many metrics to your dashboard as desired.  Once a metric is added, you will be able to define specific filters for the metric so you can view them by vendor, category type, products, date range, and more.

Click + New Metric to add your first custom metric to the dashboard.

Select the metric you wish to add to your custom dashboard.  To view additional metric types, scroll down through all options.  Once you have located the desired metric, select it to move to the next step.

Select all filters that you would like applied to the custom metric.  Filters include:

  1. Customer: your company should be selected by default. If you have access to multiple companies in SupplyPike Analytics, you will need to select the customer.
  2. Company Filters: choose retailer filters, such as the category type and brands.
  3. Products: choose the product(s) that you would like to view data for by item number or consumer ID.
  4. Date Range: choose the desired date range, including Walmart rolling periods or a custom date range.
  5. View As: choose if you would like to view the data as a graph or KPI. In addition, this tab may include some additional viewing options based on the metric that was selected.

Click Create Metric to add the custom metric to your new dashboard.

After adding your first metric, you can click the + New Metric button to continue adding additional metrics to your custom dashboard.

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