The Walmart product overview dashboard allows you to view sales and inventory KPIs and maps for a full look at your Walmart business.

Use this dashboard for an overview of key sales, replenishment, and inventory metrics rolled up by department and broken out by product. Metrics on this dashboard include:

  • Inventory: Gain a snapshot of replenishable instock %, weeks of supply on hand, and total quantity on hand. 
  • Store Counts: Check your POS store counts, including traited and valid store counts.
  • Velocity (Store/Week): Check your average store sales velocity.
  • Sales $ | Units: View a quick snapshot of your sales dollars and units for common date intervals.

Sales: view the Sales chart showing sales trends (dollars and units) over time.

Sales vs. Shipping: view the Sales vs. Shipping chart showing units shipped and sales over time.

Walmart GRS Sales Forecast: determine the accuracy of your forecast compared to sales over time.

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