The Quartile Report dashboard allows for a quick analysis of inventory levels alongside historical POS and Forecast in your highest performing and lowest performing stores. Export the data at an item-store level to make optimizations and convince buying/replenishment teams to make forecast adjustments.

We analyze all item-stores, sort by POS from the time frame selected, and then segment the item-stores into quartiles so that the sales quantity from that time frame is equal in each quartile. In the example below, you can see that the top 979 item-stores have the same amount of sales as the bottom 6,744. We generally see that the lowest-performing item-stores (quartile 4) are carrying significantly more inventory and have a higher forecast variance than the higher-performing item-stores/quartiles, leading to inefficient inventory allocations.

Many times it is not necessary to increase the top-level forecast but just to optimize the allocation, so that inventory is not stuck in low-performing stores. You can get detailed information around store-level forecasts by clicking the Download Report button.

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