The Monday Morning Report gives a quick, visual overview of your company's overall performance during the last Walmart week using KPIs, graphs, text, and exportable detail data.

Sales Summary:
POS data broken out by last week, last 4 weeks, last 13 weeks, and fiscal year to date in KPI form. For context, the KPI shows whether that is up or down and by how much from the same time period last year.

Sales over Time:
Graphical representation of unit and dollar sales at Walmart for the last 52 weeks.

Sales vs Shipping:
Compare Units Sold vs Units Shipped and POS Sales vs Ship Cost.

Replenishment Summary:
Quickly see your average replenishment in-stock and the number of products below the 98.5% goal as well as the number below 2 weeks of supply.

Use the Top In-stock Opportunities table to identify the items where out of stocks is having the biggest negative impact on your business. 

Compliance Summary:
Quick overview of your On Time and In Full data.

GRS Forecast:
View your company level demand forecast for the next 17 weeks alongside last years sales to help provide context to dips and spikes in forecast.

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