The Ladder Report allows you to track the Distribution Inventory product flow from the port in China to the DC to store. You can select a product and a date range, that includes week(s) in the past and weeks in the future to pinpoint optimal timing for producing and shipping inventory.

The Sales vs Forecast graph compares previous weekly sales, previous weekly forecast plus weekly forecast in the future at a corporate level. You'll also notice that it shows 2 versions of the forecast, what it was last week and what it is this week. This should help to highlight any changes in the forecast.

The bar on top summarizes the Valid Store Count, Unit Retail, Season Forecast, Forecast Weekly, Actually Weekly, % of Sell Through, and % Forecast Received.

Store & DC Inventory charts display actual inventory levels for previous and current week and then "projected" inventory levels for future weeks alongside the forecast. It also shows a forward looking Weeks of Supply, see below for calculation details. These graphs are at the individual IDC node level. There are currently 6 IDCs so you should see 6 graphs representing each IDC + the RDCs and Stores that are serviced by the IDC.

Projected Store Inventory in the future
current store inventory + forecast 2 weeks from now - projected week forecast.
The idea behind adding forcast for 2 weeks from now is that inventory will flow from an IDC to a store this week to meet expected demand in 2 weeks. If the IDC does not have sufficient inventory, then only the available inventory is added and not the full forecast.

Projected IDC Inventory in the future
current idc inventory + receipts that are expected to arrive during the projected week - forecast 2 weeks from now.

Forward Weeks of Supply
Calculated by subtracting next weeks forecast from current Total [projected] Inventory until a full week's forecast cannot be completely satisfied. Then the remaining inventory is divided by that week's forecast to determine what percentage of that forecast can be filled.

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