What is an EDI 852?

The EDI 852 is an X12 transaction set for Product Activity Data that is used to provide trading partners with data revolving around products, including point of sales data and other activities. The EDI 852 provides information such as:

  • Item details, including descriptions and EAN/GTIN/UPC
  • Quantity information (e.g. what is on hand, has been sold, and is on order)
  • Sales forecast and history
  • Return or story transfer information, if applicable

Benefits of Implementing the EDI 852

Implementing the EDI 852 is valuable to your supply chain by providing visibility on your products and their activities. It fulfills the need for distribution centers, warehouses, and retailers to manage product movement and point of sale data. It eliminates the need for a paper activity report, thus reducing business costs and human error.

EDI 852 Workflow

An EDI 852 is used to communicate product activity at distribution centers, warehouses, and retailers. Unlike most other EDI transactions, the EDI 852 is not transmitted due to the generation of another transaction (e.g. the EDI 856 or EDI 997). It is instead a report that is run on a schedule. However, an EDI 997 is generated upon the receipt of an EDI 852.

EDI 852 Example

ISA|00|          |00|          |08|0000000000     |ZZ|1234567890       |181107|0945|:|00501|850010691|0|P|-
LIN|1|VN|SKU123|B8|1234||12345678901234||PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 1|||ZS|UR
LIN|2|VN|SKU321|B8|1234||00000000000000||PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2|||ZS|UR
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