What is an EDI 947?

The EDI 947 is an X12 transaction set used in warehouses to indicate a change in a product's status, such as damage, recalls, or physical inventory counts. The EDI 947 provides information such as:

  • Warehouse adjustment ID and date/time
  • Internal warehouse identification code
  • SKU, lot code, unit of measurement, and quantity
  • A description of the adjustment (e.g. Dump or Destroyed, Product Put on Hold, Physical Inventory Adjustment, etc.)
  • From bucket and to bucket (if applicable)

Benefits of implementing the EDI 947

Implementing the EDI 947 will streamline your day to day warehouse operations by quickly identifying necessary item changes. The file highlights the changes for a particular SKU and quickly and easily shows the necessary changes that have occurred. It improves customer-warehouse communication with a simple file.

EDI 947 Workflow

EDI 947 is a supply chain transaction set, which informs the warehouse, depositor, or any other business party about the changes to the inventory record. This transaction is internal to the warehouse, so no other transaction sets are associated with it.

EDI 947 Example

ISA|00|          |00|          |ZZ|000000000       |01|123456789      |123456|4321|U|00401|000000000|0|P|-
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