What is an EDI 990?

The EDI 990 is a X12 transaction set for a Response to a Load Tender that is used to convey a response to an EDI 204 (Motor Carrier Load Tender) or 211 (Motor Carrier Bill of Lading). The EDI 990 provides information such as:

  • Shipment identification number
  • Standard carrier alpha code
  • Date and tracking number
  • Reservation action code
  • Load response (e.g. tender accepted, tender rejected, spot bid accepted, etc.)

Benefits of implementing the EDI 990

Implementing the EDI 990 enables you to automate responses to load tenders and bills of lading from your carrier. It eliminates the need to manually confirm or deny these transactions via email or fax, thus streamlining your logistical processes.

EDI 990 Workflow

An EDI 990 is used by the trading partner to accept the load tender (EDI 204) or Bill of Lading (EDI 211). This transaction is transmitted once one of these transactions is received.

Documents exchanged before the EDI 990 can include:

  • 204 - Motor Carrier Load Tender: used by the shipper for shipments with single stop routes, LTL, or TL
  • 210 - Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice: used by carriers to invoice trading partners for freight services
  • 211 - Motor Carrier Bill of Lading: used by the trading partner to request a shipment be picked up or routed.

EDI 990 Example

ISA|00|          |00|          |02|123456789           |ZZ|SUPPLYPIKE      |123456|1234|U|00401|000000080|1|P|-
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