What is an EDI 824?

The EDI 824 is an X12 transaction set that is used for Application Advice. This transaction set is designed to report the status of a previously sent document. The EDI 824 should not be used when a designated response document is established, such as an 855 to an 850.

An EDI 824 will often contain:

  • The Sender's and Receivers information
  • The reference T-set Type
  • Purchase Order or Sales Order number of the reference document
  • Free Text or coded information on whether the reference document was accepted or rejected.

Benefits of implementing the EDI 824

Implementing the EDI 824 enables you to automate and streamline your supply chain. It eliminates the need to receive application advice via fax or email and manually re-key the information into your various systems, thus reducing your business costs, resource needs, and human error.

EDI 824 Workflow

The EDI 824 is sent from a trading partner after a transaction has been received.

Some documents that an EDI 824 may reference are:

  • 810 - Invoice: used to replace a paper invoice
  • 855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgment: used to confirm you can meet the requirements in the purchase order
  • 856 - Advance Ship Notice (ASN): used to describe the contents of each shipment and how items were packed

An EDI 997 acknowledgment is typically sent in response to an EDI 824 Application Advice.

EDI 824 Example

ISA|00|          |00|          |01|0110100110     |ZZ|1234567890   |111111|0530|^|00501|000000939|0|P|>
N1|FR|Message: Unknown Party|9|PartyName
PER|IC|Sender Contact Information
TED|011|0308F - Error With Code|||||PartyName
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