Requesting a New Integration

Please send all requests to and/or and include a good time on your calendar to do a 10-minute call. SupplyPike will reach back out to you to confirm the call. We look forward to learning more about your company and answering any questions you may have about EDI!

Our timelines range between 2-6 weeks, depending on complexity. Please see the recommended timelines for your individual document type(s).

These estimates are in business days, and assume responsiveness from all involved parties within 2 business days. Wherever possible, SupplyPike will complete tasks faster than estimated to finish the integration as quickly as possible.

Integration Process

The process will begin with a Kickoff call to gather your requirements and align on the process. An Integrations Developer and a Customer Relations Specialist will be assigned to your account. The project plan for each integration will be communicated via SmartSheet.

The timeline will begin upon receipt of a valid test file (from the retailer and/or warehouse you are integrating with), as this is a required input to begin the mapping of your EDI transactions.

Upon completion of testing, the Customer is responsible for providing written approval before the integration maps will be moved to production and ready to “go-live” (send and receive live transmissions). A Connect representative will reach out to the Customer for this approval via email. If the customer does not respond within 5 business days to raise any issues or disapprove, this will be considered customer acceptance and the invoicing will begin on the date specified in the contract. However the integration will not be moved to production until Customer approval is received.

Once your integration is live, please email as needed so the ticket can be routed to the appropriate party, tracked in our ticketing system, and resolved as quickly as possible.  


If we haven't answered your question here, please feel free to reach out at

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