Recent updates include new filters and sorts for the Deductions page, allowing you to quickly find the deductions you're looking for. Filters are "stackable," meaning you can apply several filters to find, for example, deductions with a certain status within a certain time frame.

Deductions List - Claim Date filter

The Deductions list view can now be filtered by Claim Date (date the deduction was received).

  • Enter an earliest and latest claim date to view deductions within a time range
  • Enter only an earliest claim date to view every deduction after a certain date
  • Enter only a latest claim date to view every deduction before a certain date

Deductions List - Dispute Status Filter

The Deductions list view can also be filtered by the status of the deduction.

  • Choose a status to view only deductions matching that status.

Deductions List - column sorting

Columns on the Deductions list can be sorted ascending and descending. Simply click on a column header to sort by that column. Columns that can be sorted include:

  • Claim Date (earliest - latest)
  • Item ID (numerical high - low)
  • Claim Code (code, numerical high - low)
  • Amount (high - low)
  • Status (alphabetical)

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