OTIF Goals You Can Track

Our July 10th updates make it easier to understand your OTIF performance, so you can answer the 2 most important questions of your Monday morning:

  1. Am I meeting my goals?
  2. Where do improvements need to be made?

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Year over Year Sales Comparisons

Whether you’re prepping for a line review or curious about your YOY sales performance, it's now easier than ever to:

  1. Compare sales performance YOY or season over season.
  2. See changes in store count and instock to explain sales variances.
  3. Rank products against each other to find opportunities and recommendations for line reviews.

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Sharing just got easier!

Get a quick glance of your sales weekly totals in any of your build-it-yourself dashboards. Take quick screenshots to share your sales performance with anyone on your team.

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