SupplyPike’s added newest features include new metrics and ways to view YOY sales to help you make the most of your retail data.

Your Supply Plan is here!

Add your own supply plan metric to any DIY dashboard to compare actual units ordered with past supply plans and be ready for anticipated orders in upcoming Walmart weeks.

Add my Supply Plan

Am I up from last year?

Our Walmart Product Overview makes it easy to track your sales performance year over year. Quickly see a percentage change from last year’s sales, all with data that updated daily without having to pull a single report.

Track my YOY Sales

Filter by Walmart DCs quickly

We’ve added Walmart DCs filters to the following DIY metrics, so you can drill down to specific distribution centers more quickly! Scroll through the list of DCs, type in any specific DC, or copy and paste a list of them. 

  • Instock
  • Store on Hand
  • Store on Order
  • Store in Transit
  • Store in Warehouse
  • Weeks of Supply
  • Supply Plan

Drill down my metrics

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