We're happy to share the following new features and enhancements to SupplyPike and would love your feedback on some features that are in progress.  Check out the details below.

Product and Category Filters on MMR

Customize the Monday Morning report in a way that makes sense for your business. Select one or a group of products to report on using the Products filter or use Company Filters to get reports by Dept, Category, Subcategory, or Fineline.

Forecast Variance on Replenishment Dashboard

By popular demand, we’ve added item level forecast variance to the Replenishment Dashboard to help with instock root cause analysis. Quickly see if instock issues are the result of a 1 time sales spike or if sales are consistently outperforming forecast. Corporate level forecast variance can be viewed below the table in KPI form.

DC Data on Instock and Inventory Metrics

You can now view the related DC info on store level instock and inventory metrics. Just click into the detail data for the instock metric on any dashboard.

0 Sale Stores

In the past you could only see POS stores on the Sales by Store but a lot of times it’s just as important to find traited stores with 0 sales. You can now see sales data for all traited stores + any non-traited POS stores at an item level.

Add this metric to any custom dashboards.

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