We're happy to share the following new features and enhancements to SupplyPike Retail Intelligence and to fill you in on some things that are in progress. Check out the details below.

SSO Generator

Leave the mundane data analysis, unit conversions, and breakpack rounding to the software. The new SSO Generator dashboard allows you to download a filled out SSO template based on the number of units available to ship via SSO and the target Weeks of Supply for stores. After a quick review, it should be ready to send to the buyer for a quick fix to out of stock stores.

Future iterations will include use cases for Committed Buys and Promotions

Click below to check out our latest blog post on SSOs 🎉 

Updated GRS Forecast

Walmart’s GRS Forecast is generally pretty stable throughout the Walmart week but there are instances where it is updated more than once. We’re now pulling your GRS Forecast twice per week, on Saturday and Tuesday night, so it is up to date.

GRS Forecast and Supply Plan are the only metrics that aren’t pulled and updated every night because daily changes are fairly infrequent. If you have any questions about our refresh schedule, please don’t hesitate to respond to this email or use the support chat in the app.

Historical Store Counts

Store count changes can be a common explanation for changes in your retail supply chain metrics (sales, instock, velocity, etc). The most accurate way to get store counts is to pull alongside store inventory, but it’s not available historically. In an effort to provide a deeper level of insight, we’re now pulling historical average store counts so you can see how it’s changed over time and not limited to how long you’ve been a SupplyPike customer.

Starting next week you’ll be able to go back 2+ years and view Store Counts and Velocity within SupplyPike Retail Intelligence. Also, we’ll use up and down indicators to designate store counts and velocity compared to last year.

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