At SupplyPike, we know we must earn your trust before you just hand over your data. We know you value security, and we want you to know that we do, too. So, what does data security look like at SupplyPike? How do we make sure your data is safe and secure?

SupplyPike initially started as the Strategic Initiatives department in a major third-party logistics company building critical software components for the company and its customers. The team worked diligently to create elegant solutions to supply chain issues and, due to the sensitivity of data, they learned quickly how to make secure technology.

Our customers range from large public companies to small startup CPGs. We have worked with customers who have literally thousands of SKUs, which has put our technology to the test. Time and again, we have proven we can handle the load while ensuring that the data is never compromised.

Our technology

To maintain data security and safety, we have implemented tools that are industry standard and beyond. We have an enterprise firewall and utilize sophisticated data encryption techniques and algorithms to ensure that your data is perfectly safe.

We route all of our users through secure connections to our websites and apps. We use a trusted third-party solution for identity and account protection. This software ensures that SupplyPike’s user authentication process maintains compliance with industry standards.

We have created a complex, interlocking web of cloud hosting providers to ensure that our sites are consistently up and running and the data is intact. These hosting providers decrease downtime due to server outages, so you can access our software 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our best practices

SupplyPike has worked diligently on our security best practices. We have implemented policies to maintain data security and prevent breaches.

As you may know, we obtain our data from third parties using credentials to outside sites and portals. We maintain strict security protocols and we will never ask you to openly display your passwords.

We have also implemented strict password rules for our apps. You must create a strong password that is long and contains different types of characters. We ask that this be a unique password that you do not use anywhere else, if possible. For your safety, nobody inside or outside of SupplyPike can access user passwords.

If you incorrectly enter a password on multiple attempts, we will lock the account. We will also notify you if we have detected a password, email address, or any other sensitive account change in case there is an ongoing attack on your account.

Should you wish it, you can enable “multi-factor authentication,” where you use multiple login methods. Multi-factor authentication can include a code sent to your email or a PIN sent to your phone via text.

To maintain data security, we use a “hands-off” approach and employ a secure, automated process to extract data. We also create new versions of your data hourly, daily, and monthly, so there are always backups. We regularly verify your data and maintain logs of all application usage and access.

We also have insurance coverage for up to $1 million for Technology Liability and Information Risk. This policy helps protect both SupplyPike and our customers.

Our internal policies

We must maintain security internally as well. To that end, we require all employees to use strong, unique passwords for SupplyPike accounts, and to set up two-factor authentication with each device and service where available. Our employees must maintain security at all times by utilizing password vaults, hard drive encryption, and screen locking.

Lastly, we have strict protocols for new code so that an independent team reviews all changes to prevent potential bugs and security issues. We run tests on every new piece of code to ensure compliance with our best practices.


As you can see, we take security very seriously, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a safe environment for your data. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out, and we will happily help.

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