Create your Scheduled Report

First, select the dashboard report that you want to schedule, this will work on both template and custom dashboards.

Then, on the top right corner, click on the calendar icon to create a schedule.

Fill in the required fields below:

1. Description: Add a description for your report.

2. Format: Select your format either PDF or PNG.

3. Frequency: Select your recurring time either daily or weekly then select what days of the week you want to receive this report.

4. Time: Choose a time option from the drop-down menu.

5. Recipients: Add multiple names and emails you would like to send this scheduled report to.

Then select Schedule and that's it! You will receive this report directly to your inbox based on the options selected.

Removing Email Recipients from your Scheduled Report

  1. Find the name you want to remove, then select the remove tab. The name/email will no longer be on the schedule to receive this report.

Edit or Delete Scheduled Reports

  1. Click on the Scheduled Reports tab to view all reports that were previously scheduled.
  2. To edit the scheduled report or remove the report, click on the three dots on the right to populate a menu, then select either edit or remove the report.

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