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Requesting New Documents

How documents get added to Document Explorer

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Document Explorer is SupplyPike's app dedicated to automating the retrieval and organization of all shipping documents. There are two ways that documents can get added:

By SupplyPike Deductions Navigator or OTIF Radar

SupplyPike Deductions Navigator can request documents so that they can be attached to deduction claims or OTIF POs. This happens in an automated fashion and they will appear in Document Explorer with no action needed by the user.

By the user in Document Explorer

A new document request can be kicked off by clicking the Add New button in Document Explorer. This option is only available for customers with a Document Explorer subscription. If you think the Add New button is disabled in error or you want to discuss a Document Explorer subscription, please reach out to let us know.

The Add New Purchase Order Numbers modal allows you to copy data from a spreadsheet and paste it directly into the table. Depending on your integrations, you may see up to three columns available:

  1. PO Number - this is the only required column. You have to enter a PO number so we can search for it in your carrier portal or OCR integration.

  2. Zip Code - if your carrier integration uses zip code (FedEx, UPS, SAIA) then you will see a column for this. It can be helpful to have a zip code if a single PO delivers to multiple locations (common with direct-to-store shipments).

  3. Carrier - if you have multiple carrier integrations, you can optionally add that. Click the dropdown to see available carriers and match the spelling when pasting. Having this info will help us narrow down the search but is completely optional.

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