UPS Integration Setup
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In order for SupplyPike to access your UPS shipping documents, we need an API Key. That can be requested on the UPS website by following these simple steps:

  1. Answer the following questions:

    1. Q: I need an access key because

    2. A: I was informed by a software vendor that I need to obtain an access key to share with them

    3. Q: Software/Vendor Name

    4. A: SupplyPike

    5. Q: Choose an account to associate with this access

    6. A: You’ll need to do this for all accounts used to ship Walmart and Sam’s

  2. Fill out the Primary Contact information

    1. This should default to the info for the account holder but you might want to confirm the validity

  3. Fill out API Integration Owner fields

    1. Name = Carter King

    2. Function/Position/Title = Product Manager

    3. Email = {supplier name}

      1. Replace {supplier name} with your company name

  4. Review and Submit Request

  5. You should receive an email. Click the link to verify

  6. The link from the email should take you to a page that displays the API Key

  7. Send the API Key to

    1. This may not be necessary as we should also get an email to {supplier name}

  8. Repeat for all relevant UPS account numbers if applicable

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