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Once installed, the Chrome Browser Extension can be used to access your documents from any webpage in the Chrome Browser. In addition to viewing and downloading your documents, you can also request new documents from the extension. It works particularly well on pages that display a PO number (e.g. a retailer portal).

Detecting PO Numbers on a Webpage:

The extension will automatically scan the page and detect PO numbers that match the retailer format for your selected supplier (i.e if you have a Home Depot supplier selected, it will look for 8-digit numbers). On the extension icon in the browser toolbar, you'll see a blue number indicating how many POs were detected. Click on the browser icon to see if SupplyPike already has documents for those POs. If so, you'll see them listed as "Tracked" and they'll be available for download. See below for how to request new documents from the extension.

Tracking New PO Numbers:

If a PO number is detected on the page but isn't currently tracked by SupplyPike, you can request documents to be pulled by clicking the Track button. SupplyPike will immediately go out and look for those documents in your connected integrations and if found, will be available in the extension in near real-time.

Finding documents for PO numbers that aren't on a webpage:

You can use the search bar in the extension to find any PO numbers being tracked by SupplyPike. Just click on the icon in the browser toolbar and enter the PO number you need. Tracked records will show and be available for download.

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