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2023 Release Notes for Amazon Deductions Navigator
2023 Release Notes for Amazon Deductions Navigator

Keep up with all of this year's newest updates and fixes

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Release notes - November 10th, 2023


  • Co-Op export

    • You can now export your Co-Op deduction data into a CSV file.

  • Deductions Validity

    • You can now find a validity judgement on every shortage and price claim you get from Amazon.

Release notes - September 22nd, 2023


  • Co-Op launch

    • You can now view, dispute and have your Co-Op deductions automatically validated by our app.

  • Deductions Over Time

    • You can now track the deductions they receive over time.

Release notes - June 5th, 2023


  • Auto Disputing for Amazon

    • Auto Disputing will allow you to set criteria and conditions for any deduction types you wish to be disputed automatically by our system.

    • Users that opt-in to put their disputes on autopilot can track which deductions have been submitted automatically and which were done manually using the "Auto-disputed?" filter or the boolean in the export file.

  • Settlement 2.0

    • You can now create settlement cases through our app as well as track, respond, and negotiate in-app.

  • Settlement Data in the Dashboard

    • The Deductions by Status chart now allows you to view total dollars under Open Items (settleable), total dollars in settlement, and total dollars recovered through settlement.

Release notes - January 30th, 2023


  • You can opt to have our system automatically re-dispute, in full, any deduction you've disputed that would have otherwise failed due to recently introduced deduction data changes that our nightly and daily data syncing activities might have missed.

  • Deductions Navigator for Amazon can now be used with international (non-US, non-Canadian) Vendor Central accounts.

  • You can now archive (individually or in bulk) any actionable deductions which you consider to be valid.

  • You can filter the list view pages using 'Disputed through SupplyPike' or 'Only failed disputes' filters as well as sort your list view by invoice date.


  • The error regarding missing disputable invoice PDFs has been fixed.

  • Issues causing failed disputes due to dispute data mismatch are now resolved.

Release notes - January 16th, 2023


  • You can now export deduction line item data to dig deeper into which products are most affected by shortages and/or price claims.

  • The Dashboard page now hosts two new cards:

    • Deductions by Payee Code

    • Deduction by Location (i.e.: by Amazon DC code)


  • The error causing disputed Price Claims to be duplicated has now been fixed.

  • Line item deduction data mismatch is resolved.

  • Stuck in the 'Submitting...' status error is now fixed.

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