Auto Dispute Amazon Deductions

Learn how to enable auto dispute to get paid faster.

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What is Auto Dispute?

Auto disputing is an exciting feature that eliminates manual work from the disputing process. This zero-touch, automated dispute-submission feature will enable you to put routine deduction disputing on autopilot.

Auto Dispute is available for all Amazon deduction types but is typically most helpful with shortage claims and price claims, where SupplyPike can automatically gather all the available proof documentation.

How does it work?

Only 'Not Disputed' (i.e.: Actionable) deductions will have the ability to be auto-disputed. The user can set different criteria and conditions for which deductions can be auto-disputed.

Do I have control over what gets auto-disputed?

Yes! You can choose which available deduction types you would like to be set to Auto Dispute, as well as attachment criteria, timeliness (shortages only), and the dollar threshold if desired.

Can I view which claims were auto-disputed?

Yes! You can use the Auto Disputed filter on the Deductions page.

How do I set up Auto Dispute?

Click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the Deductions Navigator Amazon home page. This will take you to the Supplier Settings Page, and from here you can configure settings for Auto Dispute.

From The Auto Dispute Settings page, you have the ability to Auto Dispute specific claims listed on the page. After you have selected which deduction types to enable auto-disputing for, you can pick a set of conditions for which deductions will be disputed. Once your criteria are set, please make sure to click on the Save button.

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