Using the Attachments Filter

Understand the different combinations for using the attachments filter on the list view and the auto disputing feature.

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The aim of the attachments filter is to allow you to filter the view to only the deductions containing attachments and proof documentation tagged as any of our attachment types (BOL, POD, EDI Doc, Other...). Without this filter, the only way to learn this information would be to open the details page of each deduction, one deduction at a time. As a result, we believe this filter to be a very powerful feature that allows you to increase your efficiency while using our platform. However, this powerful tool can also be confusing so we created this help article to provide you with some best practices regarding the use of the attachments filter, whether you're using it on the deductions list view page or while setting up auto disputing criteria.

  1. With or Without: The first step when using the filter is to decide whether you're trying to identify deductions that include (with) a set of desired attachment file types, or ones that exclude (without) them.

  2. All (of) or Any (of): Once the first step is completed, you can now decide whether you want the result to be limited to only deductions with or without the entire set of selected attachment types or to include those with or without any combination of the targeted proof documentation. NOTE: the difference between these is only applicable when selecting more than one attachment type.

  3. So what does each combination mean? In the examples below, we will use BOL and POD as the two attachment types being targeted.

    1. With + ALL: this use case will result in a list of deductions that include both a POD and a BOL.

    2. With + ANY: this combination results in a list of deductions that include either just a BOL, just a POD, or both a POD and a BOL.

    3. Without + ALL: in this case, the resulting list will be limited to deductions that are missing both BOLs and PODs.

    4. Without + ANY: this combination will result in a list of deductions that are missing just BOLs, just PODs, or both BOLs and PODs.

Notes on the limitations of our proof documentation categorization

While our technology allows us to automatically fetch proof documentation, categorize it, and attach it to its corresponding deduction(s) based on PO numbers, our backend systems are sometimes unable to determine the type of proof documents we've retrieved. In that case, we tag those attachments as "Other". As a result, we recommend including "attachment type = Other" when using the attachment filter.

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