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Amazon RevLoss Summary FAQs
Amazon RevLoss Summary FAQs

This article describes the metrics found in the Amazon RevLoss Summary Dashboard

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The RevLoss Summary is a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of revenue loss within a selected time frame. It showcases various metrics such as Gross Revenue, Net Deductions, and the Net Total, all aimed at helping you understand your financial position regarding revenue loss.

What determines the month that dollars are shown by?

The RevLoss Summary groups dollars based on the time period that the supplier billed Walmart, including any related deductions, fines, and dispute approvals to those invoices.*

This helps you see, out of the dollars I billed Amazon this month, how much did I ultimately get paid, after applying all deductions, fines, and dispute approvals related to that month's invoices.

*Co-Op deductions that are unrelated to a specific supplier invoice are grouped based on the Co-Op date of the deduction on the RevLoss Summary.

How is Revenue determined?

Gross Revenue is based on the total invoiced amount of all invoices. This includes invoices that were completely deducted, partially paid, or completely paid. Revenue dollars are grouped into a month based on the invoice date.

Net Total is the gross revenue minus any deductions and that have not been won back via dispute.


Johns's Hot Sauce billed Amazon $5M in March.

Gross Revenue

Gross Revenue for March = $5M

Net Amazon RevLoss

$500K was deducted via shortage deductions.

$100K was deducted via pricing deductions.

$1M was deducted via Co-Op deductions.

$600K of that was ultimately paid back from disputes.

Net Amazon RevLoss for March = (500K + 100K + 1M) - 600K = $1M

Net Total

Net Total for March = 5M - 1M = $4M

A key point is that no matter when Amazon took the deduction, or when the dispute was submitted or approved, the dollars get related back to the month of the related invoice date.

What Revenue Loss ("RevLoss") is included?

Shortage, Pricing, and Co-Op deductions issued by Amazon are included as "RevLoss" on the RevLoss Summary.

NOTE: There are other chargebacks taken by Amazon including compliance, provisions for receivables, and other types that are not included today in the RevLoss Summary. Let us know if you'd like to see other charge types included!

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