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RevLoss Summary General FAQs
RevLoss Summary General FAQs
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What is RevLoss Summary?

The RevLoss Summary is a comprehensive dashboard that provides an overview of revenue loss within a selected time frame. It showcases various metrics such as Gross Revenue, Net Deductions, and Net Revenue, all aimed at helping you understand your financial position regarding revenue loss.

Can I filter for specific retailers and vendor numbers?

Yes, by default the dashboard shows data from all retailer and vendor numbers that you have loaded into SupplyPike. You can use the supplier filter to narrow it down to a specific subset of the available retailer and vendor numbers.

Can I filter the data by specific categories?

Yes, the dashboard allows you to filter the data by various categories. You can use the Dashboard Settings page to customize the deduction code to category mapping

What do the statuses like 'Not Disputed' and 'Pending' mean under RevLoss Category by Status?

These statuses help you track the progress of revenue loss claims. 'Not Disputed' means the claim has not been disputed, 'Pending' indicates the claim is still being processed, and other statuses provide further details on the claim's progression.

How do I change the time frame for the data presented?

You can select a different time frame using the dropdown menu at the top of the dashboard, which allows you to view data from the last 12 months or customize the range according to your needs.

What should I do if I notice a significant change in the Net RevLoss Rate?

A significant change in the Net RevLoss Rate should be investigated to understand the underlying causes. You can start by analyzing the categories with the highest revenue loss in the respective SupplyPike retailer application.

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