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Learn about available authentication methods to use SupplyPike

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Plan: Enterprise

SupplyPike currently supports the following authentication methods for Enterprise customers.

  • Username-password, optional TOTP 2FA

  • Microsoft Entra ID SSO (formerly Azure Active Directory)

  • Google Workspace SSO (formerly G-Suite)

  • SAML (including OIDC, PingFederate, Okta Workforce)

Microsoft Entra ID SSO (fka Azure AD) Considerations

  • Confirm your Azure AD tenant users have "email" property set

  • Give permission for your tenant users to use the application

    • App name: Supplypike, Inc.

    • App (client) ID: cb658c82-d81f-49f0-b5f2-94740c5ac133

  • Confirm the login flow works by going to this page

Google Workspace (fka G-Sutie) Considerations

  • Confirm your Google Workspace allows third-party apps for sign-in

  • If necessary, add the application as Trusted app

    • OAuth App name: SupplyPike Products

    • Client ID: 664202736345-3keq7ee2vl1dn082c2j4ltu7jbndfae1.apps.googleusercontent.com

  • Confirm the login flow works by going to this page


For any other custom SSO setup tailored to your organization and IdP, please reach out to support@supplypike.com with any information and metadata about your IdP. We can usually support SAML, OpenID Connect, LDAP, PingFederate, Okta, OneLogin.

If you have any questions about any of this, please reach out to your customer success contact or support@supplypike.com.

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