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How long does a Home Depot dispute take to be resolved?
How long does a Home Depot dispute take to be resolved?
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In official Home Depot documentation, they state that generally Dispute Packages (both CB and POD) will be resolved within 18 business days. This stated time to resolution already is considerably less than other retailers, and even so, Home Depot generally resolves open Dispute Packages in a about 6-7 days.

Once a decision has been made, if overturned, Home Depot also states that suppliers can expect to see payment on the open items or remittance advice (downloads in MP-SSP) within 5-7 days.

As a result of Home Depot's timeliness, it is important that suppliers continually monitor the status of open Dispute Packages. If an open Dispute Package is placed in the Pending Vendor status, it is critical for the supplier to respond as soon as possible. In part because Home Depot will automatically close Dispute Packages if a response from the supplier is not made within 30 days from the request. In general, it benefits the supplier to take quick action on these requests as to not draw out the resolution time.

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