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Getting Started with Home Depot Deductions
Submit a dispute to Home Depot with one-click disputing
Submit a dispute to Home Depot with one-click disputing
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Steps to Submit a Dispute

It is important to note, that in SupplyPike you are disputing at the Dispute Package level, just as you would in Merchandise Payables. SupplyPike has kept this consistent since all chargeback lines must be disputed at one time with the Dispute Package. We don't want to leave any dollars on the table!

Deductions Navigator empowers you to submit deduction disputes with just one click. The process is simple:

  1. View a all chargebacks in a Dispute Package on the detail page

  2. Edit the dispute information and select the documents that you want to send

  3. Click Submit Dispute

The deduction’s status will immediately change to Submitting Dispute... and the dispute will be scheduled to be submitted. As soon as the dispute is successfully submitted in Merchandise Payables the status will change to Home Depot Action.

Receipt in Merchandise Payables

Dispute submission requests are queued up and submitted in the order they are received for your company. An individual dispute will typically appear in Merchandise Payables within seconds. If you are submitting a large volume in a short period of time then it could take several minutes or even a couple of hours for all disputes to be completed, but don't fret... They are on their way! Once a dispute has been received by Merchandise Payables it will display a status of Home Depot Action.

Dispute Failures

If Merchandise Payables will not accept the dispute for a technical reason, then we immediately stop the process, and notify that there was an issue. Additionally, the deduction's status will be set back to Not Disputed.

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