Home Depot Deduction Statuses
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  • Not Disputed - A Dispute Package with at least one chargeback line more than $25 and has not been submitted in Merchandise Payables.

  • Home Depot Research - A Dispute Package has been submitted and is awaiting Home Depot to make a decision or request further documentation/details from the supplier.

  • Supplier Action - This status signifies that Home Depot is requesting further action from the supplier. This will entail providing another form of proof documentation, carrier details, or other related information. It is important to take prompt action when a dispute is placed in this status as a supplier only has 30 days to respond.

  • Denied - Home Depot has closed the Dispute Package without agreeing to pay back the chargeback.

  • Approved - Home Depot has agreed to pay back the chargeback.

Since Home Depot creates one Dispute Package against an invoice potentially containing multiple chargeback lines, if multiple chargebacks were disputed, then there could be multiple final outcomes. If this is the case, from the Deduction List and Detail views in SupplyPike, you will be able to see each disputed chargeback and the corresponding outcome.

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