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When thinking about Home Depot deductions and how you back up your claim, it is important that you are giving your best shot and providing as much proof documentation as possible.

Home Depot is unique in that regardless if you are a prepaid or collect supplier with them, they like to see the same proof documentation across the board. This can present unique challenges, particularly for collect suppliers and obtaining a POD.

Anecdotally speaking, Home Depot uses Block Chain software they call the Automated Dispute Resolution Platform (ADRP) to back up their reviewal process for shipments to RDC's and DFC's. This software has receiving information for each touchpoint in an order's lifecycle. Even so, it is important to have correct and appropriate proof documentation with your dispute to substantiate any evidence found in ADRP.

Suppliers can gain access to ADRP in Supplier Hub if they do not already have access. To gain access reach out to your Partner Guardian for them to add it to your suite of applications in Supplier Hub.

Deductions (Chargebacks) Attachments:


GOOD: In official HD Documentation, the following documents are required for best attempt at disputing

  • For Core carriers (HD's pre-approved list) you just need the Carrier (selected from the drop-down), and then the corresponding BOL, PRO number or tracking number

BETTER: In practice, the following documents are required for best attempt at disputing

  • For Core carriers (HD's pre-approved list) select the Carrier (from the drop-down), and then the corresponding BOL, PRO # or tracking #

  • BOL

  • POD

  • Packing Slip

  • Invoice

BEST: Additionally, the following documents have been provided by suppliers and have achieved success disputing

  • All documents/info listed above

  • Photos of pallets

  • ASN

Price Discrepancy

GOOD: In official HD Documentation the following steps/documents are required for best attempt at disputing

  • Request a 531 SKU detail report from the merchant; attach to dispute

  • Comment stating the issue and research steps taken

BETTER: Additionally, the following document could be provided to help provide further evidence

  • All documents/info listed above

  • Spreadsheet documenting cost and pack size, SKU, UPC

When is a deduction ready to dispute?

As covered above, there are certain documents that are helpful in your case to Home Depot. For price discrepancy chargebacks, in order to effectively dispute, this might require some additional documentation apart from shipping documents.

Outside of those unique cases, Deductions Navigator highlights the most common types of proof documentation that are required for deduction codes.

File Size and Type Restrictions:

Home Depot requires that all proof documents submitted are formatted as a pdf. Documents added by SupplyPike will be in the required pdf format. Any additional user-uploaded documentation will need to be a pdf in order for successful dispute submission.

It is also important to note that Home Depot does not allow documents that exceed 20MB. Though there is a limit to file size on a individual document basis, there is not a limit to the number of files that can be sent with a dispute.

Things to remember:

  • A deduction can still be disputed even if a recommended document is not available. SupplyPike's recommendations are based on the most commonly required documents for disputing a given deduction code. In some scenarios you might not need everything that is recommended, and there could also occasionally be additional documentation needed.

  • Recommendations are based on the file tag that is assigned to the document. They do not consider the content of the specific file itself. Content of the file must be sufficient to prove the deduction was invalid (i.e. - if a document is tagged as a Proof of Delivery but is not stamped by the DC, it will still likely lead to a denied dispute).

  • Be sure the checkbox beside each recommended document is checked in order for the document to be sent with the dispute.

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