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2024 Release Notes for Amazon Deductions Navigator
2024 Release Notes for Amazon Deductions Navigator

Keep up with all of this year's newest updates and fixes

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Release notes - March 1st, 2024


  • Additional Co-Op validation

    • You can now uncover additional recoverable dollars on instances of Co-Op over-billings related to direct fulfillment orders.

  • Smart Match Status Dashboard Tracker

    • Smart Matched shortage dollars can now be tracked as a status on the dashboard (see Deductions by Status and Invoice Payment Breakdown charts)


  • The error causing the counting of failed Amazon payments has been fixed.

  • The issue causing invalid Co-Op amounts to be greater than the Co-Op balance has been resolved.

Release notes - January 30th, 2024


  • Chargeback Export

    • You can now export your chargeback data

  • Co-Op search bar enhancement

    • You can now search for Co-Op deductions using agreement numbers, PO numbers, dispute ID, ASINs and more.

  • Better Settlement Payment tracking

    • You can now track settlement-related payments at the deduction level (when settlements are created through our app).

Release notes - January 9th, 2024


  • Chargeback Disputing

    • You can now track and access your chargeback data in app. This new feature also allows you to attach and submit disputes on these chargebacks (with the exception of PO On-Time Accuracy chargebacks)

  • Detailed Dispute explanations

    • Your default Co-Op dispute explanation will not automatically include additional details concerning the specific Co-Op deductions that you're disputing.


  • The errors and discrepancies in the Co-Op export file have been resolved.

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