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Submit Home Depot Disputed in Bulk
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Deductions Navigator for Home Depot allows you to submit multiple disputes with a single click from the deductions list view page.

To initiate a bulk dispute from the New bucket, use the checkboxes on the left side of the card to select the deductions you'd like to dispute, then choose "Submit Disputes" in the top right corner. You can select up to 100 deductions per page to dispute.

All selected disputes will be enqueued and submitted to the Supplier Hub dispute portal following our normal dispute process.

Deductions will display a status of Submitting while they are waiting, and once successfully submitted they will update to a status of Home Depot Research and move to the In Progress bucket.

Best Practices

  • Bulk disputing works best with deductions that are ready to dispute! Use the Documents filter to quickly find deductions that have documentation ready such as Shipping Documents.

  • Bulk disputing is only available for deductions whose status is Not Disputed.

  • We'll dispute chargebacks in full based on your Dispute In Full settings, so make sure you have those up to date, and just how you want! Check here for more info on Dispute Default settings.


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