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Open Invoices at Home Depot
Open Invoices at Home Depot
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Invoice Matching at Home Depot

Home Depot uses an invoice matching system in an effort to automatically pay without manual intervention of their Accounts Payable team.

Their invoice match process is driven by the following set of criteria:

  • Purchase order number

  • Facility or Store number

  • Payables Vendor Number

  • Dollar amount

  • Invoice number (10-digit limit)

  • Invoice date

  • Valid shipment tracking information: SCAC carrier code, and BOL number, Pro number, or Small Package Tracking number

If the information above is incorrect or missing from the supplier invoice, then the HD Accounts Payable system will not be able to automatically match and pay the invoice. At this point, further research will be needed by HD's Accounts Payable team. This will likely cause a delay in payment, and furthermore, could lead to a chargeback or require a POD Dispute.

Invoices with Exceptions Explained

Open invoices found in the Invoices with Exception List will be researched and resolved by the Home Depot's AP department, prior to the invoice due date, as calculated from the actual keyrec date, in the HD's system.

  • 864 - Review the Error messages (EDI 864) preventing successful transmission. Work with your EDI team to resolve the error message and resend the invoice. Invoices will remain on this list until successfully transmitted and received by HD. It is important to resolve the error working with your EDI team. Until you correct the error and resend the invoice via your EDI solution, your invoice will remain unpaid.

  • MOT - MOT invoices have a discrepancy that requires manual resolution by the Home Depot Accounts Payable department. A supplier's invoice will remain MOT until resolved by HD's AP department. A Chargeback Dispute package may be distributed as a result.

  • NMF - NMF invoices are waiting for keyrec (goods receipt). If keyrec does not occur, supplier invoice will move to a POD Dispute, based on invoice date plus 5 days transit time, plus terms for the P-Vendor number.

  • POD Dispute - Once your invoice has aged past its due date without payment from Home Depot, a POD Dispute Package will be distributed. Suppliers will need to verify or update any required information on the POD Dispute package, and add attachments, in order to dispute.

Invoices less than $50 will not be found on the Exception List, and will not have a POD Dispute created. Once an invoice for less than $50 is past due, further escalation to Home Depot will be required.

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