Viewing the Deductions Dashboard

Log in to SupplyPike at, then click on Deductions Navigator.

After logging in, you will see the Deductions Navigator Dashboard - or simply click on Dashboard tab at the top of the screen.

Deductions Summary

The deductions summary will display a total of all deductions received, the total amount of actionable/undisputed deductions, total approved disputes, and your current dispute win rate. 

Filtering the Deductions Dashboard Data

To filter the data displayed in the dashboard summary and graphs by a date range, click on the Claim Date drop-down to select the desired date range. 

The data in the deductions summary and all graphs will dynamically update to display data for the selected date range.

Dashboard Graphs

The deductions dashboard includes graphs to provide insights and help identify trends.  These graphics include: 

  • Deductions by Status: summarizes and identifies the current status of your deductions and disputes.
  • Deductions by Claim Code: identifies the count and amount of deductions received for each claim code.
  • Deductions by Amount: identifies the count or amount of your deductions based on their size (less than $100, $100-$1000, or greater than $1000).
  • Deductions Over Time: summarizes your deductions received over the last year.
  • Deductions by Item Number: summarizes deductions received for each SKU.
  • Deductions by Location: summarizes deductions received at each location or distribution center.
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