Code 13s are filed when the supplier invoices for one item number but Walmart received a different item number. This will always be caught if the item billed on the invoice is at a higher cost than the merchandise received - Walmart will file a code 13 for the difference.

How to Prevent Valid Code 13s

  • Merchandise should be shipped and billed according to the PO description/item
  • Do not substitute items when filling a PO; fill exactly as ordered
  • Make sure your packaging/labeling for different items is distinct so that it is clear to the receiver which items were shipped. Code 13s are sometimes filed when the receiver mistakenly identifies the items received.

Can it be Disputed?

Disputing Code 13s is extremely difficult, and it is rare to win a payback. Walmart says that they will not pay back for code 13s, but you can technically dispute them in Direct Commerce. 

How to Dispute Invalid Code 13s

Supporting Documentation:

  • Bill of Lading showing correct items shipped (if the BOL shows individual product/UPC-level information)
  • A copy of the Invoice (EDI 810) to show what product was shipped
  • Proof of Delivery showing items received
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