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Deduction Code Knowledge Base
Deduction Code Knowledge Base

List and description of common retailer deduction codes.

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Code 109: Journal Entry
Code 10: Price Difference as Documented (Allowance Difference)
Code 11: Pricing Overcharge (Price Difference between PO and Invoice)
Code 12: Invoice Incorrectly Extended
Code 13: Substitution Overcharge
Code 14: Short/Damaged (Trailer Seal Intact)
Code 15: Pallets/Shrink-wrapped Short/Damaged
Code 21: Concealed Shortages
Code 22: Goods Billed not Shipped
Code 23: Carton Shortage SLC
Code 24: Carton Shortage/Freight Bill Signed Short
Code 25: No Merchandise Received for Invoice
Code 28: Carton Damaged/Freight Bill Signed Damaged
Code 30: Duplicate Billing
Code 44: Freight on Returned Merchandise/Returned Goods
Code 47: Excessive Freight on Invoice Description
Code 50: Advertising Allowance (AA)
Code 51: Promotional Allowance Display/Fixture Allowance (PA)
Code 52: Volume Allowance (VA)
Code 53: Truckload Allowance (TA)
Code 54: Warehouse Allowance (WA)
Code 55: New Location Allowance (OL or SA)
Code 57: Quantity Discounts
Code 58: Shortage Recovery Rate (OR "Other Allowances")
Code 59: Defective Merchandise Allowance (DM)
Code 60: Handling Charge as Documented
Code 63: BOL Addressed to Wrong Location
Code 64: Early Shipment
Code 66: Markdown Monies/Price Protection
Code 67: Display Allowance
Code 68: Signing Allowance
Code 69: Grocery Billback Allowance
Code 70: Co-Op Allowance
Code 72: Labor and Handling (Ticketing/Re-Ticketing)
Code 73: Duplicate Payment
Code 80: Cash Discount
Code 82: Anticipation - Early Payment of Invoice
Code 86: Excise Tax
Code 87: Other
Code 91: Mdse. Destroyed (Damaged/Defective)
Code 92: Mdse. Return (Overstock/Recall)
Code 93: Mdse. Return (Damaged Merchandise)
Code 94: Goods Returned/Defective Merchandise
Code 95: Mdse. Return (Wrong Item)
Code 97: Returned Goods (Handling Charge)
Code 99: OTIF
Code 120 - WMTD Claims (MDSE Return - Walmart Discretion Program)
Code 150: Softgoods Defective Allowance
Additional Deduction Codes