Code 95: Mdse. Return (Wrong Item)
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Code 95s are for merchandise returned to the supplier as the wrong item or an overage that the warehouse cannot keep.

Disputing typically requires contacting the return center.

Can it be Disputed?

Code 95s would usually only be considered invalid and disputable if they fall under the following scenario:

  • The supplier agreement specifies that returned items must be returned to the supplier, yet the supplier has not received those items back. In this scenario, there are some exceptions when the item is considered unsafe to ship, such as:

    • Hazardous Materials that are not in shippable condition or damaged enough that they may leak in transit.

    • Non-Hazardous items that are leaking or damaged so severely that they leak during shipment

      • EX: Liquids, Powders, Gels

    • Broken Glass (Candles / Mirrors) that present a clear danger for packing and shipping

    • If any of the above is the case then it is considered a Virtual Claim. If you receive a Virtual Claim that does not meet these criteria, then you should dispute the claim on the Accounts Payable Disputes Portal (APDP) in Retail Link. (Virtual Claims will be listed with the division of 13 and the store number of 9070.)

How to Dispute Invalid Code 95s

Where you dispute a code 95 depends on where it came from. In either case, Walmart's expectation is that the code 95 will be disputed along with any associated fees on the same claim (codes 44, 60, 120).

Returns from location 9462:

  • When the return deduction is issued from Walmart location 9462, this indicates that it is a Returns Center claim.

  • Returns Center claims have a dedicated dispute process, which Walmart outlines here.

    • In summary, to dispute these deductions you must:

      • Download and review the backup details and documentation from APIS.

      • Fill out the Defective Merchandise, Handling Fee, and RTV Freight Claim Form with the claim number, invoice date, amount you are disputing, and the reason for the dispute.

      • Include the backup details and documentation for each claim.

      • Submit your claim by creating a case with Partner Support and selecting Returns > Returns Chargebacks > Defective Merchandise, Handling, and RTV Freight Expense Claims. You must include the documentation and forms mentioned above for your claim to be reviewed.

Other returns:

  • If the location is something other than 9462, then use the Accounts Payable Dispute Portal to submit your dispute. Be sure to include all claim lines together when disputing (i.e. - 95, 60, 44, 120)

  • If the APDP dispute is rejected, you can escalate to your buyer, especially if the code 93 deduction violates your supplier agreement

Supporting documentation:

  • Supplier agreement showing that defective goods must be returned to the supplier and statement that goods were never received



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