Code 30: Duplicate Billing
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Code 30s are triggered when two invoices are submitted for the same goods/purchase order. 

A common scenario for receiving code 30s is when an invoice is sent for an order before Walmart receives the order. If this happens, Walmart will issue a code 25 for no merchandise received and then close out the order. If another invoice is sent for that order once Walmart receives the order, then Walmart will issue a code 30 for a duplicate invoice.

How to Prevent Valid Code 30s

  • Only invoice once per order

  • If Walmart responds with a code 25 for no merchandise received for an order that was indeed shipped, then dispute the code 25. Do not re-invoice.

  • Check your EDI 810s to be sure they are being sent at the appropriate time (after goods are received), and only once.

Can it be Disputed?

Yes. Code 30s can be disputed and won if you can prove that each invoice was for a unique order. Use the Accounts Payable Dispute Portal (APDP) in Retail Link to submit a dispute.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 30s

Supporting Documentation:

  •  Proof of Delivery for each invoice

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