Code A004: Allowance - Defective
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A weekly roll-up deduction of all Target Stores for goods returned and potentially destroyed per the Return Policy agreement. There is no PO/Invoice number associated with this type of deduction.

Because this is a rollup from stores and can include returns from online orders, there is no location associated with this deduction code.

Common Ways it is Invalid

  • Incorrect item or not assigned to the correct vendor

  • Incorrect return policy used

  • Incorrect cost used in the deduction

How to Dispute Invalid Code A004s

Create a dispute in Synergy within Partners Online.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Use Accounts Payable Credit/Debit Memo Detail Report

  • Any supporting documents to prove the charge(s) should be reversed, including but not limited to BOL, Freight Bills, and Proof of Return.

  • For item ownership, simply stating the difference is good enough

  • For policy, provide a screenshot from LaunchPad, Item Maintenance, or VMM

  • For cost, provide proof from Purchase Orders or Invoices

  • Any relevant communication record you have from Target related to an item's policy and/or return deductions not being assessed

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