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Navigating Amazon Price Claims

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Price Claim deductions occur when Amazon compares the supplier's invoice to the PO and identifies a price discrepancy on the invoice.

How to avoid Valid Price Claims

  • Implement EDI Invoicing.

  • Make sure the Invoice matches the ASN and PO in currency, cost, units, PO, ASIN, and EAN.

  • Ensure the accuracy of your catalog setup by double-checking UPCs and other identifying information after setup.

  • Keep records of historical catalog prices and effective dates for changes.

  • Ensure that case pack quantities are accurately reflected in Vendor Central.

  • Never send the invoice before shipping out the product.

  • Send the invoice out 1-4 days before the delivery date.

  • Do not duplicate invoices when there are multiple shipments for a single PO.

  • Cancel invoices with enough time if you're unable to send a shipment.

How to Dispute Invalid Price Claims

  • Amazon does not require any additional documentation to review a claim, they compare the PO to the Invoice to determine validity.

  • Dispute deductions within 30 days of the invoice due date.

    • Average Dispute Resolution Time

      • Within 30 days: 2-4 weeks

      • Settlement process (after 30 days): 6-8 months

      • Read the Amazon Dispute Timeliness article for more information.

  • Although rare, older deductions can still be approved. We’ve seen rare individual cases of deductions from invoices as much as 1 year old being approved.

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