Code 9: Pickup allowance (freight/logistics)
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The code 9 pickup allowance is taken for freight charges for PO's picked up by Kroger carriers, ie: Collect or Backhaul shipments from Kroger trucks.

How to Prevent Valid Code 9s

Kroger generally charges for shipping your goods from your facilities to their divisions. One way to avoid this allowance is to switch to Prepaid and arrange your own transportation rather than rely on Kroger’s trucks.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 9s

Recommended Claim Type: PU - Pickup Allowance

Recommended Backup Documentation

  • Signed Proof of Delivery (POD)

  • Policies or agreements related to not charging for pickup

Kroger has sometimes taken invalid code 9 deductions for POs that they did not in fact pickup. If this is the case, attaching a shipping document from your carrier with the PO number would be useful to refute the deduction.

Kroger may also pick up multiple POs in one shipment, and if so, should only take the deduction once for the entire shipment. If the deduction is taken on each PO in the same pickup, then attaching the shipping documentation as well as a copy of the deduction taken on the invoice of the other PO would help fight this deduction.

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