Code: ASN No Status

Learn about Target's compliance deductions for ASN Not In A Status

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A deduction (or violation, if it is still in it's 2 week exemption window) for not completing required testing for ASN usage for a specific vendor number.

Target recommends contacting a Target EDI Specialist via their Request Support Form within POL:

At the bottom of each POL page,

  1. Click Contact Us & Request Support

  2. Click the Shipping & Transportation | Carton Markings | EDI 856 | DVS | Addresses option

  3. Click the Ship Label, Carton Markings, Pallet Builds, Bill of Lading, EDI 856 option

  4. Provide the relevant details (don't forget your vendor number)

    1. Note, you can only provide one attachment, so if you have multiple files, you'll need to zip them. There is also a 5MB file size limitation.

  5. Click Submit Ticket

  6. Monitor the email address associated with the POL account that submits the ticket to see Target's response and engage in a dialogue via email or to set up any meetings.

Compliance Goal



3% COGs of all goods received without an ASN

How to dispute invalid ASN No Status deductions

These deductions are disputed through Synergy, just like most other Target deductions. If you're still at the violation stage within the 2 week exemption window, the contact form at the bottom of each POL page can be used to request an exemption.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Compliance Research Report/Violation Summary Report from Greenfield

  • A copy of the EDI 856 ASN that was actually sent

  • A copy of Target's EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgements that respond to your ASNs

  • Email communication with Target that acknowledged ahead of time any issues with ASNs and Target confirmed whether that would be acceptable

  • Email communication where Target specifically acknowledges the state of ASN testing and whether fines will be taken for POs to the vendor number where testing may not yet be complete or is on-going

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