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Learn about Target's compliance deductions for missing ASN transmissions.

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A deduction (or violation, if it is still in it's 2 week exemption window) for an EDI 856 ASN transmission that Target thinks they haven't received more than an hour after the in-yard date/timestamp for the associated delivering trailer. This could also be triggered by errors in the EDI transmission that caused the data to not be recorded by Target.

Make sure your EDI team is aware of the requirements for Target's EDI 856 transmissions to prevent most fatal errors. Within POL, search for EDI 856 and check the pages for Defects and Requirements.

Target recommends verifying the following:

  • The EDI 856 (ASN) was sent

  • The correct sender/receiver ID was used for Target

  • A valid MDN/997 was received

  • No formatting/data errors that could prevent document processing

Compliance Goal



3% COGs of all goods received without an ASN

How to dispute invalid ASN Missing deductions

These deductions are disputed through Synergy, just like most other Target deductions. If you're still at the violation stage within the 2 week exemption window, the contact form at the bottom of each POL page can be used to request an exemption.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Compliance Research Report/Violation Summary Report from Greenfield

    • Specifically the asn_received_timestamp column. If the column is blank, that is what triggered Target to think they didn't receive an ASN.

  • A copy of the EDI 856 ASN that was actually sent

  • A copy of Target's EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgements that respond to your ASNs

  • Email communication with Target that acknowledged ahead of time any issues with ASNs and Target confirmed whether that would be acceptable

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