Code: ASN Late

Learn about Target's compliance deductions for late ASN transmissions.

Written by Clinton Rhodes
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A deduction (or violation, if it is still in it's 2 week exemption window) for an EDI 856 ASN transmission that was received more than an hour after the in-yard date/timestamp for the associated delivering trailer.

Compliance Goal



3% COGs of all goods received without an ASN

How to dispute invalid ASN Late deductions

These deductions are disputed through Synergy, just like most other Target deductions. If you're still at the violation stage within the 2 week exemption window, the contact form at the bottom of each POL page can be used to request an exemption.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Compliance Research Report/Violation Summary Report from Greenfield

    • Specifically the asn_received_timestamp and trailer_in_yard_timestamp columns

  • A copy of the EDI 856 ASN - you can use this to push back on Target's date/time if it wasn't actually late

  • A copy of Target's EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgements that respond to your ASNs

  • Email communication with Target that acknowledged ahead of time any issues with ASNs and Target confirmed whether that would be acceptable

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