Code: Fill Rate Revised

Learn about Target's Fill Rate Revised compliance deduction

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A deduction (or violation, if it is still in it's 2 week exemption window) for an order that Target thinks has the wrong received quantities compared to what was ordered.

Target may provide additional detail such as the following sub-classifications:

  • Fill Rate Revised (FRR)

  • Fill Rate Revised - IPC (FRR-IPC)

SupplyPike's app will group these as Fill Rate Revised, however, the details of each deduction will show you which of the sub-classifications may be present. The difference is the format of the purchase order, legacy or modern, DDDD-PPPPPPP-LLLL or PPPPPPPPPPP-LLLL, respectively (D = department, P = purchase order, L = location aka DC).

Compliance Goal



5% COGs of goods not received

How to dispute invalid Fill Rate Revised deductions

These deductions are disputed through Synergy, just like most other Target deductions. If you're still at the violation stage within the 2 week exemption window, the contact form at the bottom of each POL page can be used to request an exemption.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Compliance Research Report/Violation Summary Report from Greenfield

  • Target Delivery Receipt

  • Bill of lading/Proof of Delivery

  • Screenshots from relevant apps

    • ShipIQ

    • Vendor Ready to Ship (VRS)

    • Ryder (Ryder Share)

    • Docklink

  • Email communication with Target that acknowledged ahead of time an order might have a revised quantity. Some possible reasons to lookout for:

    • Supplier proactively communicated cuts prior to PO scheduling/routing, Target failed to revise order quantity

    • Cut sheet changes communicated proactively, but Target didn't execute cuts

    • Ryder/Docklink emails showing orders were scheduled correctly with expected quantities, but Target's DCs received the POs incorrectly

    • Target ordered items that are no longer active “non-carry forward” (NCF) or are not yet available to order. Supplier notified Target of the NCF items showing up on the order proactively, but Target did not revise PO.

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