Code: On Time - Early

Learn about Target's compliance deductions for early orders, prepaid or pickup.

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A deduction (or violation, if it is still in it's 2 week exemption window) for an order that has either arrived early, in the case of prepaid, or was picked up early in the case of pickup/collect orders.

Target may provide additional detail such as the following sub-classifications:

  • P.O. Shipped Early

  • On Time Arrival (STA) Early Cons

  • On Time Arrival (STA) Early LTL

  • On Time Arrival (STA) Early TL

  • On Time Ship (S_C) Early Cons

  • On Time Ship (S_C) Early LTL

  • On Time Ship (S_C) Early TL

SupplyPike's app will group these all as On Time - Early, however, the details of each deduction will show you which of the sub-classifications may be present.

Compliance Goal



5% COGs of all goods received outside window

How to dispute invalid On Time - Early deductions

These deductions are disputed through Synergy, just like most other Target deductions. If you're still at the violation stage within the 2 week exemption window, the contact form at the bottom of each POL page can be used to request an exemption.

Supporting Documentation:

  • Compliance Research Report/Violation Summary Report from Greenfield

  • Target Delivery Receipt

  • Bill of lading/Proof of Delivery

  • Screenshots from relevant apps

    • ShipIQ

    • Vendor Ready to Ship (VRS)

    • Ryder (Ryder Share)

    • Docklink

  • Email communication with Target that acknowledged ahead of time an order might be early somehow. Some possible reasons to lookout for:

    • Lead time issues

    • Order point setup issues

    • Target requested delivery outside of acceptable window

    • Ryder or Docklink appointment pushout (Target DC capacity constraints, holiday closures, scheduling errors, receiving time restrictions, WDS load leveling constraints in case of prepaid)

    • Target DC capacity constraints

    • Target did not respond in timely manner to item setup issue that was proactively called out

    • Supplier requested window/SDA date adjustment and the email was sent prior to routing/scheduling, Target did not execute or executed incorrectly

    • Carrier requests appointment outside of original requested date, Target accepts and initiates adjustments to requested date

    • Holiday ship window errors that were proactively communicated to Target

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