Code 2: Promo allowance difference (OI)
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Allowance taken from invoice as a manual correction for salvage, CoOp, Trade, or other Allowances due off invoice.

Promos are typically negotiated for certain items for a certain period of time, with the negotiated allowance deductions taken for those items that are ordered within the designated time period.

How to Prevent Valid Code 2โ€™s

Typically, promo allowances are agreed on in advance through promotional contracts, so the code 2 deduction is generally expected to occur.

How to Dispute Invalid Code 2โ€™s

Recommended Claim Type: OI - Off Invoice

Recommended Backup Documentation

  • Invoice

  • Related Promotional Contract

In order to prove this deduction as invalid, you may have to provide this documentation as well as a brief explanation.

One scenario could be if you deducted the promotional allowance off your invoice to Kroger, and Kroger took an additional identical promotional deduction off the invoice, then those documents with the explanation that it was taken twice should be submitted.

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