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Code A135: Return to Vendor / A147 Return to Vendor Store Claim
Code A135: Return to Vendor / A147 Return to Vendor Store Claim
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A return of goods shipped in error, not ordered, or overstock for a Target store location. There is no PO/Invoice number associated with this type of deduction.

Common Ways it is Invalid

  • Incorrect item or not assigned to the correct vendor

  • Incorrect return policy used

  • Incorrect cost used in the deduction

How to Dispute Invalid Code A135s

Create a dispute in Synergy.

Suggested documentation:

  • Use Accounts Payable Credit/Debit Memo Detail Report

  • Tally Sheet used by Vendors to check in return

  • Documentation supporting correct cost (if disputing for return cost)

  • Copy of Vendor credits for return

  • Written approval from your Target Merchant partner before submission and any supporting documents to prove the charges should be reversed such as item doesn’t belong to vendor, incorrect item returned, or incorrect return policy supporting documents.

  • For item ownership, simply stating the difference is good enough

  • For policy, provide a screenshot from LaunchPad, Item Maintenance, or VMM

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